Lu Zhang
b. Xian
Now lives and works in New York.
A longing to recreate experiences where the sense of existing cognition/acknowledge became blur in-between right or wrong; where the hope of chance and eagerness on change starting to appear; where the time is slowed down, chopped up, and made intimate, through exploring complex human relationships of one’s own individual social and cultural experiences and memories.
Wildman Clab
Founded by Lu Zhang in 2017
A lab and club for researching and proving the existence of primitive relational experiences by exploiting technology through alternative activities. 
Wildman Clab currently resides in Special Special, organizing The Frontiers Conference as their ongoing residency. TFC is a series of performance, poetry readings and workshop created in collaboration with the frontiers in art such as poets, musicians, artists, etc., together in search of forms of various aspects of human cognition in emotions through contemporary behaviors.
Wildman Clab manifesto 
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