Better Homes & Gardens
Bunny Jr. Tapes, Byron Kim, Mama Yoshi, p34r.w34r, Perfume Area, Syro, Tiffany Sia, Matthew So, VeniceW, Alston Watson, Anicka Yi, Bettina Yung, Lu Zhang
August 17 - September 21, 2019
The Museum of Chinese in America 
Sweetest Meats  
Concert Series presents Karaoke Night
Hosted by Trisha Baga & Wildman Clab
The Moon Represents My Heart: Music, Memory and Belonging

Wildman Clab

The Frontiers Conference 2019:07:21 

Fishing in NYC

Special Special 

workshop by Yixin Tong 

For the release of Yi Xin Tong’s NYC Fishing Journal from Gong Press

Wildman Clab

The Frontiers Conference 2019:05:04

efforts in reading Kaspar by Peter Handke

Special Speical

Lu Zhang, Tim Simonds, and Aaron Lehman perform a public reading of Peter Handke's play Kaspar (1967), collaboratively reconceived and read through a single translucent paper copy. Playing at reading. Excerpt from Kaspar: "They speak a text that is not theirs. They do not speak to make sense but to show that they are playing at speaking, and do so with great exertion of their voices even when they speak softly... He utters a single sentence over and over: I want to be a person like somebody else was once."

Double Negative
curated by Darling Green 
Chashama March 5 - March 31, 2019
Mini Mono Mental
Curated by Sandaleum Projects
March 6 - April 7, 2019

Wildman Clab

The Frontiers Conference 2019:02:10

​Special Special
a performance by Robert Ouyang Rusli and Wo Chan including live music, audio recordings, and opportunities for audience participation and sharing on topics of time and memory as they relate to intimate relationships.