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Notes on The Lonely Crowd, 

David Riesman

1909 - 2002

The gyroscopic mechanism allows the inner-directed person to appear far more independent than he really is: he is no less a conformist to others than the other-directed person, but the voices to which he listens are more distant, of an older generation, their cues internalized in his childhood.

The inner-directed person is, simply, somewhat less concerned than the other-directed person with continuously obtaining from contemporaries (or their stand-ins: the mass media) a flow of guidance, expectation, and approbation. 

Notes on Aveux non Avenus (Unavowed confessions)

Claude Cahun


"You have told me to write a confession because you know only too well that this is currently the only literary task that might seem to me first and foremost realizable, where I feel at ease, permit myself a direct link, contact with the real world, with the facts."


Letter from Lucie Schwob to Adrienne Monnier, Paris

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