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Painting Club, aka P_______ Club based in NYC, Founded in March, 2020, by Trisha Baga, Herb Tam, and Lu Zhang. We mostly make analog posters for Virtual Studio Visit Loop. (on going)
We start a painting with the person, talking about the person, especially if one of them knows them better than the others.  Then we stalk them on social media together, and compile images of what we can glean from their life and practice, and aesthetic leanings.  Pictures of their work, of them on their birthday, at home with their animals, old photos of their family, something they noticed at their dollar store. We also print pictures of paintings or color palettes we stayed up late or woke up thinking about.

We take turns painting the same canvas, and who goes next is determined by who has the most “desire.”  We use this word often and with emphasis.  It’s usually clear who has the most desire.  They are best when we don’t start with too much preconceived composition because it gives the painting nothing to strive for except itself.  We try not to be nervous about destroying previous work and it’s a good exercise in not getting too attached to a particular element. 
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