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How to Boil Time, 2019
single channel video, 11:48min paper cloud, lamp, lotus embroidery, bean bags 

何时是实 何时是梦

The state of swinging between the two cultures 
Feels like half-dream and half-awake
not being able to distinguish scenes from memories
a dream or "real"
Would these bizarre and disparate wanderings be the space for existence
gibberish dream spell collaged with grandfather’s low-resolution photos of daily newspapers and TV
Another circumstance 
In what language to enter
What language to leave
even woke up from a dream, still don’t know the answer 
how to boil time
but lost also a lie 

How to Boil Time, a single channel video, pairs excerpts from dream recordings  with pixelated, awkwardly cropped and collaged images taken by my grandfather from Chinese TV, local Newspapers and widow views. His photographs recall my childhood memories from Chinese urban landscape, especially in Xi’an where I grew up; and an elderly man's nationalism, who had gone through the communist change of China.  
Playing the sequences of both allowed a new narrative to appear, which circles a path around a question I asked in my dream, how to boil time.
With improvised sound by Lu Zhang, Trisha Baga and Core D’Augustine.  
How to Boil Time, 11:48min, 2019
How to Boil Time video installation, Double Negative, 2019, curated by Darling Green
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