Living far away - the physical absence 

made the physical separation - death 

seems like only a long term trip 

Nobody knows exactly where everyone went.

I often wonder

they might just went to a different dimension of time and space

that we are unable to see by our physical eye 



Working with text from dream recordings give me a poetic reality in a cinematic way. Logic becomes slippery jumping from one scene to another. The narrative possibility existed differently

in those described situations. Pixelated, awkwardly cropped and unrelated images were taken by my grandfather from TV, Chinese local Newspapers and widow views. These act of him to me, created another dimension to view time. These recall memories from Chinese urban landscape, especially in Xi’an; and an elderly man's nationalism, who had gone through the communistic change of China.  


Maybe the combination of both is being able to communicate a path or answer how to boil time.


Improvised sound with Trisha Baga and Core D’Augustine.  



Installation view