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It Takes Ten Years to be on the Same Boat

A dating experience/ Installation
NARS Foundation, 2018

A Boat Date is a NEW dating experience that takes over Lu Zhang's artist studio during her residency at NARS Foundation in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. In each date, two participants who have signed up for the same time slot, will meet on a traditional Chinese river boat installation in the artists studio for a date lasting for a maximum of one hour. The project creates a unique environment and framework for connection, romantic or otherwise.  

Inspired by the Chinese proverb "十年修得同船渡" translated as “it takes ten years practice to be on the same boat,” the project builds the concept of yuánfèn in which one's good deeds in past lives will lead to the "fateful coincidence" of meeting another person in this current life, whether as friends, lovers or acquaintances. The proverb also implies that we be open, patient and appreciative of moments when we encounter each other.​

The date was not recorded and participants' information will not be made public.

“It Takes Ten Years Practice to be on the Same Boat” is a project by Wildman Clab.

The sign up website: it takes ten years practice to be on the same boat only will be functional again when the next Boat Date be alive.

painting boatdate.jpg

Boat Date Sign Up Now
oil painting, 36x72in
NARS Foundation group show

No participants's photo taken due to privacy, but a survey was asked, 2018

Love Boat Dream
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