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Ballshit is a project launched at Greenwich House Pottery holiday sale, Made In Clay, 2017. It is a line a ceramics tennis balls available for purchase at the sale. 

The tennis ball is made by ceramics, single use only. It also comes as three unique ceramics tennis balls in one can with designed label. Each tennis ball has unique writings on them. 


Ballshitis a word used by immigrants who mistakenly mean to say bullshit. (Urban dictionary definition). Ideal for long rallies about race, politics and power. Also well suited for exchanges about art and theory. 

  If you want to purchase Ballshit please click here


Dear friends,

BALLSHIT is a line of ceramic tennis balls.

Now available for purchase!


One day only at upcoming 













Ballshit functions as breakable balls

Adds more joy to your play

Express your anger 

Will be your dog’s favorite toy from heaven

Massages your back and neck till you get enlightened


Most importantly! 

It will be your most special CHRISTMAS GIFT! 


Get them now!!

























 Ballshit one can comes with 3 unique ceramics tennis balls

Ballshit at GHP holiday sale

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